Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekend plans

Well I got some meetups over the weekend and I think my postcard collection just needs to be put together. The problem is I only have less than Php 400.00 to last until Wednesday.

I think I over did my postage bills and postcard buying again. I also bought my much needed supply of Messy Bessy Laundry Soap (you should try one, it will last you a long time) and some other shit. I also paid for the rent of the room I am staying in now. God I wish someone can shelter me. lolz

So now I am really thinking if I should go to any of the meetups. I said YES to the invites on Facebook. But we know that most people who click YES on Facebook don't really mean it. I think I am that way too. I would like to go the FF meetup since I have not been there for a long time but talking about sex and politics all the time bores the fuck out of me.

Whatever happens I need to stretch out my budget well and get my life together before all hell comes loose and I end up on the streets...

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