Thursday, June 6, 2013

Updates on the Manila Metropolitan Theater

Last May 19, 2013 we and the people of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club and some enthusiasts went back to the insides of the famous Manila Metropolitan Theater. (BTW the tour is quite extensive and the MET is just a small part of the tour and also its highlight)

In the words of Rence Chan, it seems that the place is getting worse and worse every time we go back. And for me that is also heart breaking.
The ballroom area has been painted ugly green and the wooden parquets taken out. Some damage of the chandeliers are also evident. Some of the side lamps are also missing.
I have written about and called for the damage on the stage flooring of the MET caused by the taping of Juan dela Cruz when they bought in heavy equipment on the fragile stage. The dust have already collected on top of the damage and still its damaged and remain unrepaired.

If you are reading this please share and help in the preservation of this national treasure.

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