Wednesday, June 5, 2013

E-smoke and the idea of vaping everywhere

Suddenly it became a fad for smokers to just go vaping. I mean some of the people I know say they want to quit smoking and some are just plai curios. At first it was quite expensive but with the growing market and demand the prices are going down. Even China now has started making cheap e-cigarettes.

Some people project their vaping as some kind of status and new thing to do. I mean you can vape anywher because they say it poses no problems for non-vapers (excuse the new word there). But some people like me are just not fans of anything too smelly. Yeah it smells nice for 2 seconds and after that I want to puke my insides out.

I am not really confident with all these business talk about vaping and e-cigarettes is healthier and better than smoking. I also don't believe the crap that this device will make you stop smoking.

More? Here is an interesting read.

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