Friday, May 31, 2013

Knit, purl and then...

It's a girl's world they say. I think they make wonderful things and we should go back to the time when we make things instead of buying everything from the mall.

Yes men cam knit too.
So I decided to make stuff by knitting. Why knit? I just decided on that because for me it look cool. And damn some of these poeople can do really amazing stuff with just some yarns.

I downloaded tons of books but sometimes I still get lost since many of such skills can be learned best with a peer or videos. So if you are reading this and is also interested with knitting. Send me an e-mail ( and I will teach you.

I joined two sites and still navigating them.

First site is Ravelry

Second is KnittingDaily.

I am also wanting to meet knitters in the Philippines and learn.

Article: here.

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