Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Social Network at work

For the past two weeks my computer at work won't cooperate. The stupid K9 Web Protection has been blocking every site I go to, I mean everything even the sites we need for work. So I asked our only IT personnel whom of which I am a bit irritated to talk with at times.

I asked him to please fix the problem. He took sometime and asked me which sites do I have to see. So I gave the sites on which I have students in. Then he said check if it works, so I did and told him it works. And his awesome job is done.

When I opened websites like Google and others it won't open. It seems he doesn't want me to open other webistes except our own. How convenient! I need to look into Coursera and my postcrossing, and swap-bot sites as well. What a bummer!

So that was Monday two weeks ago. I asked him to at least put some sites on my PC. But it seems I need to be explicit, he just put Google (but you cannot open the links it has searches  and Gmail (you cannot of course even see pictures or click links).

This fucking pissed me a lot. So now I have an utter useless PC at work. I now hate the IT more than the other IT who started all this K9 shit in the first place. So while the rest of the people at work can view at least Wikipedia and some news sites. I had to make do with what the fuck I have. It's really annoying and nowadays I am just mad all the time.

I wish I can show this but I know that is impolite and I am not like that to people at work.

If you are reading this please help me get rid of this fucking dog.

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