Thursday, March 7, 2013

My new life in Manila

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So I moved to the new house in Sampaloc, Manila. It's way easier to go compared to my house. The problem is that I had to take the jeep to work all the time and traffic with jeeps are like the weather, so unpredictable. Travel can be as fast as 30 minutes to an hour.

Sampaloc is a place of many people. Lots of old houses rotting and rising. Many old houses are quite nice but seems to be in bad shape. People are more concerned about other things like how to popular with the neighbors or be in the know with that is being shown on TV and of course online games on the tons of Internet cafes.

People are always busy here. They have to make chismis and tambay all the time. In fact they have to do all of this 24/7 while listening to their favorite noisy and annoying radio stations (you know the FM stations who always talks trash instead of playing music, anyways their music is crap as well).

People in Manila especially the young ones are always with their peer groups (barkada, berks, or jejefriends). They always make time for drinking and being with friends way until no one knows. And when intoxicated they just scream and punch the hell out of each other.

Sampaloc is a dirty place, littered by people and almost anything including pets. Some people like all this noise and life, I don't.

Ever since I moved out. I never dared or even dreamed of talking to anyone except for the owner of the house and the caretaker. They are nice people. I am also glad that the house i moved into is quiet comapred to the noise just outside the window.

The neighbors always make sure I listen to the annoying songs they like. I need to find my ear plugs soon. The first day I was so disturbed by crawling cockroackes. I killed them all with alcohol. And now most of them are dead clean.

Now the house I am living in smells of a rotting dead rat and its weird because it seems I am the only one who knows about the rotting smell. So I need to also have some odor absorber for the room I rented.

People in Manila are weird but unique. I cannot say they are bad or evil. It's just they have much energy in themselves that they don't even know where to use it.

I wish also people there have the responsibility to be more aware of other people. That noise should be reduced at night time. Talking to one another is good but at least be sure that the noise doesn't disturb other people. People in Manila also have no sense of space. I think they hate space or just understand space in a way that is foreign to me.

I hope to survive all of this stress soon.

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