Monday, March 4, 2013

The weekend

Enter the song Dies Irae by Mozart...

So I woke up at around 7 am. Damn, I am late for the Orchid show. So I just decided to text my friend that I woke up late. I can go and try to be there fast but that would take a lot of pressure on me and that would be stressful. So I just stayed at bed.

At around ten I was told that I need to find a place to rent for my own. My uncle has been telling me this for a long time ever since. I always brushed this aside because he said that I just need to save up to Php 10,000 (before he told me that Php 5,000 would be fine) so that I can have my own space because he needs my space for his own receiving room.

This I don't understand much since at the beginning he was fine with just a room and now he needs two more. One for his receiving room and another one to be rented out. Maybe he learned this act while listening to all that Eli Soriano crap

Anyways that broke into me quite hard, my uncle just said get the fuck out of here. I didn't ask anything or say anything but "Where am I going to sleep?" and the closed the door. I was like shot and fucked and just left there to die.

No need for dramas just do something. OK post on Facebook and Twitter. Then I posted what happened, why? I just want it out of my chest. The weird thing is when I get a chance to be alone and cry, I never and when I am travelling or in a public place I need so much effort not to shed a tear. I just pretend to yawn.

So now I decided to really pack my things and decided which ones to give up. I started with clothes, paper works and the books. Its not that in order sometimes but most of my stuff are that and some small trinkets. So its decided that the TV has to be left and the old radio, some of the old clothes and papers will be for the trash. Doing that only diminished my stuff into half of lots of stuff.

Packing all the stuff I got made me see some of the shit I have had for many years. I don't like throwing things at all. I saw a First Day Cover some old programs from show which we had to see for Music class. Memories flooded and this guy stated to call me. By the way, I sent a lot of messages to friends asking for help. I want them to tell me where I can find a cheap place. I never asked them to let me in and stay at their house for free. Only one guy responded. This is good since that area has lots of cheap places. He told me that he can go with me around the area tomorrow to look for a place.

Time flies and the work of sorting and digging through stuff is still not likely to end. I do own lots of stuff. So this guy decided to call me. He said that he also went to the same shit I am going through right now. We had a long , long talk. We talked about a lot of stuff. I listened, he listened. It was a nice thing to happen while I was packing things up.

Until by night I was sitting most of the time packing and sorting things up that I almost killed my legs. When I rose I almost fell. Damn, now we can't have accidents because I bet no one will bring me to the hospital.

After past midnight (I started packing at around 10 am) I was almost done. My stuff a little organized. My world a mess. But I had to sleep because they might just kick me as soon as morn comes.

That was was day one of my drama. Now comes day 2. I set up my alarm at 5 am just in case. I did some little packing today. I headed for the nearby place Pasay to look for a cheap place but the good and cheap rooms costs Php 5,000. Not on the budget with my small salary, I will have to skip eating and commuting just to pay the rent.

So I need to bug this friend of mine for a place. He said we can meet at 4 around UST. So what to do now as we wait. I can do laundry then, I have tons of laundry to do since the innovations of my uncle. He made sure that I don't have a place to put laundry to dry and the fact that stress at work (because of the cold) made me so tired by the time I go home. I am really tired when I sleep on the bus.

I got my Messy Bessy Laundry Powder (commercial break) and did my laundry. For this I need to go to my aunt since I don't have the water and place to do it and I need to do it before she does her own laundry. So I was asked tons of questions because I know they have lots of questions for me.

Casual talk of this and that I do my laundry and just at around 1 pm I was done. Yeah that was fast for a mountain of dirty. My aunt was amazed too and asked of the soap I was using because she wondered why there are so few bubbles. I told them it was coconut based.

I was given lunch (a weird thing and I hated anything from much of the time). I obliged and said thank you but I just had to get rid of the chicken and just be done with the adobo sauce. She asked why I don't like meat (she has been noticing I keep refusing any meat) and she was enlightened that I am a vegetarian. Good for her and me. She asked some questions about the diet and I said it was fine.

So now I need to prep up to go to and look for a place. Just need to pack my bad with some stuff a jean and shirt just in case. But I really wanted to find a place ASAP.

We met up at a place neat that Catholic school and went walking around asking here and there and I told him I need a place that costs Php 3,000 or less. So going around like people looking for their lost dog, searching here and there too. Some places I found quite nice but they are expensive.

The place is familiar with me since I used to fool myself by joining a choir here. They are good but quite cheap. The choir I mean. We even passed by that Chapel where I used to sing before I was like. Ei, we used to sing in that Church. And as we passed by I saw a familiar face. I was like WTF! and then don't look ever and pretend I am not seeing and didn't see anything. my friend kept on looking as was like trying to piss me with memories. He also said that someone I knew I was told I was there. OMG!

Before dark we came upon this old but quite nice house in Sampaloc near Nagtahan. There was this Lola (I called her Nanay) and we started to negotiate and she was quite nice to allow me the price I wanted. She was the one who bought the price at three from around five thousand. I paid her and I was showed the room. It was a less than a fourth of what my room used to be. But I like it here. She allowed me to pay three thousand now and the deposit I will pay the next payday.

My friend and I got to SM to buy some drinks and to also show me where to take rides. I was like also, I hope I can remember this place. This is a new place for me then it occured to me, what about Fred. So I unpacked some of the stuff I have and I left the new crib and I told the caretaker that I will be either back really late or in the morning.

So my friend showed me where to take the jeep said goodbyes and left. I was in the jeep full of many thoughts of this and that. I was also quite tired and hungry since I only had lunch.

I went home (awkward now) gave sardines to Fred. Cooked noodles and had some Pop Cola and after sometime slept. This might be my last time to sleep on this place. Fred is happy and is unaware of his fate. I am afraid of taking Fred to that place. He will be safer there in Makati because I know he will be fed and treated better. People in Manila are quite crazy and I will not do a stupid thing of bringing Fred or even Pokpok. I'll just bring my cacti. I hope the orchid can survive after all the torture it got from my relatives.

Yeah that was my weekend and if anyone asks me. I will say I was fine and nothing special happened. I don't want to explain complicated things.

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