Friday, February 22, 2013

I hate rainy days

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I hate it when it rains. The streets look more dirty and people seem to act more stupid and annoying. I hate people with umbrellas becuase they always walk so slow. They also have this habit of maing sure they hit me with their fucking wet umbrellas. Or just make sure they annoy me by brushing that wet thing on me.

I don't like bringing umbrellas for the plain reason that I hate bring bulky umbrellas and the fact that they are wet when you use them.

So I get to work wet and annoyed. I am annoyed not because I am wet. In fact I like being wet because it lessens the rage I have in me. Its kinda making my heat go down.

So I arrived at work. See my friend and ask how my asshole officemates are doing. I heard they are having some time as well. To compensate with the bad luck they have. They decided to go fucking noisy. I put on my ear phones and blasted away annoyed and pissed. I just wish they go deaf and mute.

Despite my ear phones blasting and playing my favorite Big Bang just to calm my nerves. It never helped though I am so mad and still quite at rage as I write this. So I need to amp my music some more. I helped a little. I decided to write some postcards for postcrossing just to take my mind off the annoying people at work.

Its true they say the stupidest people make the biggest noise.

I decided then to go down since Manong (the snack vendor) has already gone when I was done with the postcards. That is annoying just to peace my mind over their bullshit I was able to forget to buy my snack. That is annoying.

Now I need to send my postcards. Good it is raining. I want to walk to the post office and just be drenched. Walking to the post office like it was a normal day is a good feeling for me. My mind is like saying, "Bitch please its just the rain. No one dies of just a little rain."

I arrived at the post office with me the only person sending mail to actual people. I don't consider company mail as mail because they are just like work and shit like that. the post office is just for office mail these days.

As I was to buy stamps a man went in fornt of me like a boss. I was like, "Go ahead asshole." I never said that in to his face but I wish I did. So never mind. I gave my money and then left.

Walking in the rain to 7- Eleven to buy something to eat. Just to calm my nerves more. If you would follow me you would notice that I don't like looking at people and I try not go to near anyone who I think is stupid. That is about 99.99% of the population.

As usual there are many idiots in the store. Also take it a fact that I think that the stupidity is higher with young women these days. Thrice as high as the jejemon guys who wear stupid shit and listen to crappy rap songs while sending GMs to their herd.

I took me a forever to get to the counter just to make sure I don't come near any one at all. I bought coffee (Kopiko) because its cheaper than buying shit from Starbucks. I wish I could buy at Mercury Drug but I would be soaking wet if I do that. After buying I went out of the store making sure I never go near those two idiotic girls at the store.

Well its just about 5 pm now. I hope to experience less bullshit today.

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