Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dirty and bored

Source: Lush site
I am so bored these days that I am able write some stuff. Maybe because my data connection with Smart is making me tweet and post less on the net. Well life goes on. So I enrolled with coursera or just watch things I download at home, except porn that is. 

Today I just bough my first vegan fragrance. I always wanted to buy stuff in Lush but most of the time the sales people put me off. Aside from the fact that most of their products are not that cheap (considering I live in a third world country). 

So I bought a solid fragrance called Dirty. Man, I love the way I smell now (I tried to put on me ASAP). It has lots of stuff in it that in a good way is also vegan.  

The site says: 

Dirty combines the intensely fresh scent of spearmint with herbal tarragon and thyme to create a modern fragrance meant for men, but appropriated by women everywhere. It was inspired by the term “Italian Shower”, which describes the way many guys leap out of bed, spray under the shirt they’ve been wearing since yesterday, and head out the door. Clean, fresh and sexy.

The product costs Php 395.00 and is made up of the following stuff: Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) , Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) , Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera) , Perfume ,Talc , Tarragon Oil (Artemisia dracunculus) , Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill) , Lavender Oil (Lavandula augustifolia) , Neroli Oil (Citrus Aurantium amara) , Thyme Oil (Thymus vulgaris) , *Cinnamyl Alcohol , *Coumarin , *Geraniol ,*Limonene , *Linalool , *Cinnamal , *Eugenol , *Farnesol ,Hydroxcitronellal , Chromium Hydroxide Green

So never be intimidated by those sales people and buy what your heart desires. 

Dirty by the way is made up of many products that would make a man awesome. Read here for more. 

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