Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beauty Pageant Wannabes

So Miss Universe 2011 happened once more. It is another milestone in the eyes and minds of many Filipinos. Many will stay glued even sleep early just not to miss to momentous event in History. Many beauty parlors will close, work leaves to be done, meetings canceled just for the opportunity to watch scantily dressed women on size-one clothing.

People will gather themselves and the whole family just to watch their bet, this or that Country. They will observe and critique every moment that happens. They will point out mistakes, great moments, dresses, the way contestants walk, everything. Suddenly the country is transformed into fashion experts, beauty consultants and logic experts of every field even grammarians.

This would be great if people only apply the same thing with how they deal with life and how the politicians are running this fucked up country.

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