Thursday, September 22, 2011

PATAS’ first try of blood donation

It was a quite stormy day to donate. It rained as if there is no chance for me to go out. I saw this as a clear sign that I must not go. But then I must go since I promised someone that I will be there to guide them on how to get to the meeting place.

I went out of the house on the time when the rain seemed to quiet a bit. It’s really annoying when it rains in this country. Nevertheless, I made it to Robinsons Galleria just to find out that I am the only person there. I was thinking most probably people will be late.

And indeed they were late. People came in one by one, until we were able to gather about six people. The last of who must be named —Jay-R.  He was quite apologetic for coming late. We waited some more minutes at MiniStop and decided to head to Medical City.

We arrived at the Medical City despite the rains and small numbers we had gathered. We must push through no matter what.

We went straight to the Blood Bank but the reception was empty. We ended up waiting there while making comments on that noon time talent show and how stupid it is.

It took ages before I noticed that no one seemed to come out to receive is despite me giving a prior notice. So I went to the hospital main lobby to ask why there is no receptionist in the Blood Bank. I was told they are undermanned at that time.

We got all screened first. The five of us were rejected. One had an operation ban, one had menstruation a few days back, one is underweight, and one just donated blood almost three months ago, while the last one can’t donate because of high blood.

There was still one hope for the group to donate—Jay-R. It was his first time to donate blood, the person we had almost left out because he came in late. Then Jay-R passed the screening to his dismay. He said this was a frame-up.

His blood was tested first but before he had the needle in. He called for us for help. It was a funny thought for me. Jay-R a big man scared of needles. I was laughing hard as he held the arms of another of us, like a kid on a dentist trip. And he passed this blood screening as well.

Wow, one guy passed the test and will be letting some blood out. We told him that about 6 liters of blood will be taken out of him since we can’t donate at that time. He was quite scared and I think disappointed. But our hero braved it all. Kinda.

He went in for his blood letting with one of us. He was that scared of the needle. I never dared to go in to check him out. I don’t want to stress our only hope. He was said to be biting his shirt as the needles went in. And it was all finished.

A group activity with a lot of people clicking attend ended up with a chance donator. I am proud that somehow he was able to muster that little strength he had just to give some blood.

Now there will be a second attempt for this. If you are reading this, please try to muster the strength and the will to let out some blood as well.

Thank you and hope that when you click attend. Make sure you come or even just say I will not be able to make it. 

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