Saturday, September 10, 2011

PATAS KYR at the Victory Church (Robinsons Galleria)

It’s been two months since I lost my need to go to Church for a Mass. That was quite absurd since I have been going to Church since I was 7. Then now I must wake up and go to a Church.

Sunday was a lazy time for me to wake-up just to go to a worship service to a group of people I have always idealized as heathens and heretics. The weather was fine and so I decided to get myself ready to go by bus with a friend. It was a long travel by bus. I hate traveling by bus.

We went straight at the stall, I mean the “Church” because it was already past 11 AM. There were seats outside the Church with some people. I assumed that the Church is already full. So we decided to ask if the Church was indeed full. Luckily and a polite woman told us that there are still more seat inside. Then I wondered why people are opting to stay outside and watch the pastor talking on the screen.

So we went into the “Church.” It’s very spacious and yet it is almost full of people. There are people posted to guide you to empty spaces.

The pastor kept on talking as we found our spot. He was standing in a stage with instruments for a band. Seems legit I say for a bar, I mean a Church. At least it was more lighting than a bar has. He had two projectors at his back showing us his topic and sermon. He was dressed quite casually, I mean smart casual. Like a yuppie would. And he gave his sermon in English.

I turned my gaze to the Churchgoers. It seems they are indeed ready for their shopping. They are dressed in many ways, some decent and some just seems to belong to bar atmosphere. They just sit there listening (I hope so), or just staring at the Pastor. And for the first time I realized that no one brings their Bibles to Church. What an abomination to an evangelical setting.

The Pastor was talking about Grace. He talked about grace in the post-modern way conceivable. You can take his words with different meanings. How convenient is that? He talked and talked while I sighed and made side comments to the dismay of people near me. I didn’t care; I was busy evaluating their service and worship. I was able to open my Bible to Ephesians. That was the only page I will open for the rest of the service.

In the end the whole sermon was boring and uninteresting. Though I pricked up my ears when I heard the Pastor saying; that if you get a Nokia 5110, one must surely throw it away. That was the most annoying thing I heard. I mean if you give that to a poor person you will get a big thank you.

Anyways, the sermon ended with a prayer and a song. They sang a different version of Amazing Grace in keeping with the topic. The band started to sing the song again and again while people sang with them with some hands raised. And that was it. The typical thing you see at TV here with less emotions and crying.

Then it all ended as if the movie ended. All got up and all was clean. That left with me with lots of questions and wonders.

This is not a good place to look for God. This is not also a place for the poor. This place is made to make you feel better and to console you that you have done your obligation to go to Church. It was a real disappointment compared to even a Catholic Mass. 

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