Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Summer

Last summer was quite hot.
Now there is just rain and mud.

Of course it will be much better for me because I will sleep much better at night. Problem is that I feel sleepy most of the time.

In a country like the Philippines where garbage is still a main concern. Rain water adds to the dilemma. The streets are always clogged by trash and bits of stuff, causing the occasional flood whose color ranges from brown shit to hellish black. When I was young I loved to play in the flood waters, now you better not.

I hate bring umbrellas because they feel a burden when you get on the jeep or the train. And I especially hate people who bring umbrellas because they always make sure to rub off some of the rain either on your pants or shirt.

You can also save money when it rains because you have to turn off your fans (or AC). But since I also have this habit of leaving my umbrella at the office I never get the chance to stuff when I get home. I can't even go frequently to the neighbors.

I hate it when it rains because it has the tendency to leave everything look mushy in my room. And thanks to the wonders of a leaking roof some of my stuff has already said their goodbyes.

I love staring at the office window at work when it rains. I don't know why. It feels something to just stare at the rain dripping on the window, making everything wet outside. I mean I can do this for a long time and let time fly.

The rains make me sad because I think somewhere out there someone is crying. But is also makes me feel good because maybe someone is playing in the rain.

Now I just hate it because my shoes are soaked again.


Francis said...

Toot toot!

Ngayon ko palang nakita na umaandar na pala ang blog mo kapatid na Philip.

I love this post, I can really relate. I think Manila suffers from these rain that brings flooding and deep puddles..

Better fix that leak, kapatid na Philip..

BORNOKYO said...

Thanks for the visit, Kuya.

Its already fixed. Thank God not so many of my stuff got wet.