Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Shepherd

John 10:11-18

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I really like the idea of the Good Shepherd. Its to find refuge in times of grief and a shoulder to lean on in times of need. Maybe we everyone needs a shoulder to lean on. Someone to call their name just because they need to be called.

Many atheists I've met always say that sheep are blind followers and are often dumb. Most animals are dumb.

It's an amazing sight on how some shepherds manage to make their flock follow when called. But on the side of the sheep there seems to be no kind of thinking like what cats do. At least some pets at home have the dignity of declining their masters orders at times. Sometimes its easy to just let go and leave everything to your Master. I wouldn't be happy in a relationship like that.

When the lolcat Bible was released I was more comfortable with its translation of Psalm 23. I think it's because I am more familiar with cats than with sheep.

Psalm 23

1 Ceiling Cat iz mai sheprd (which is funni if u knowz teh joek about herdin catz LOL.)
He givz me evrithin I need.

2 He letz me sleeps in teh sunni spot
an haz liek nice waterz r ovar thar.

3 He makez mai soul happi
an maeks sure I go teh riet wai for him. Liek thru teh cat flap insted of out teh opin windo LOL.

4 I iz in teh valli of dogz, fearin no pooch,
bcz Ceiling Cat iz besied me rubbin' mah ears, an it maek me so kumfy.

5 He letz me sit at teh taebl evn when peepl who duzint liek me iz watchn.
He givz me a flea baff an so much gooshy fud it runz out of mai bowl LOL.

6 Niec things an luck wil chase me evrydai
an I wil liv in teh Ceiling Cats houz forevr.

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