Saturday, July 23, 2016

Somewhere in Nueva Ecija

Here is another adventure with the Lakad Pamana guys.

It starts at this great place to eat, Arki's Tambayan. They have great food, good people and a really nice and cozy environment. With a price that won't make you poor.

Then this ordinary looking house at the front hides something amazing. The owner told us that the house was cut in half in order to give way to a road that was built at the back. By the way, at this part of the tour we have already reach Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

Some pictures are ugly because I was just using my phone camera, which is not so good with certain kinds of lighting.

Then we move to the heart of Gapan. We started with the old abandoned municipal hall. I wish they can do something about it. It was once used as a school and then  abandoned again.

Then we see this house said to be owned by Jay Taruc. Don't you want to tear down those ugly campaign banners? They are such an eyesore to heritage.

Here is a much more wonderful house said to be owned by Eula Valdez. Now that is one fine house with a family with also a name to boast of.

Then we go to the Church. We start at the old convent turned into an event hall. Since this is not a congregation run Church expect a lot of interesting things happen since original plan.

This is the National Shrine of the Divina Pastora. The Church also gives honor to the Three Kings.

The Church's foundation was laid in 1856 by the Agustinians.

There is this wonderful house of the Cuison Family near the Church.

Then we have this monstrosity of a place called Minalungao Park.

The place is overcrowded and badly planned. The parking is crazy and its over crowded. Maybe because it was summer.

The area has signs of destruction due to reasons beyond me. I think its because of mining for its rocks.

But lets for get that for now and enjoy another wonderful meal.

At least the view gets better when you go deeper. The water much clean.

There is also a thousand step climb to a cross nearby. It's a challenge to do for a person like me but if you are determined you can see the top and experience a wonderful view.

Sorry I was too tired to take a picture of the cross. Midway there is also a tomb of a Korean who donated money for such a journey.

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