Monday, April 18, 2016

Church Tour of some Churches in Makati 2016

Since the planned Visita Iglesia of Bulacan did not push through because of some reasons. Me and my friend just decided to go around Makati. He also wanted to see the Cenaculo at Pio del Pilar in Makati.

This simple post will just talk about some of the Churches we have been through. This is not a Visita Iglesia since there is no chance to see the Church at close. We just really looked at the Churches and took pictures. No pretentious bullshit of being holy.

First stop is the Church kost people refer to as the Guadalupe Church. Actually it may have been but the proper name of the Church is Nuestra SeƱora de Gracia Church.

There seems to be an old abandoned chapel at the sides.

Outisde the Church there is an installation for the pabasa. They are also proud to bring out their santos.

Pabasa on this side of Makati seems to be still thriving despite the few people singing the epic song of the suffering of Jesus.

We walked along the Pasig river and saw this monstrous Church. Ugly building but big. It was the Church of Our Lady of the Abandoned. I would guess from the ugliness of the structure that this is a diocesan led. That is my evaluation of it.

The old gates of the St. Peter and Paul Church of Makati seems to be getting more and more significant as time passes by.

The Church of St. Peter and Paul is the oldest Church in Makati and is the one shown at the logo of the city. The Church has been restored but in a really bad way especially inside. THe outside looks decent and has been cleaned of the plants and other stuff that has grown over it.

I never realized that some people in Makati is also doing this panata of giving free cool water to those who are doing their Visita Iglesia. It was a hot day but these people can make you smile with such kindness.

Then there is Guadalupe Church. I see nothing so special about this Church. It's new and architecturally boring.

We then walked towards the very posh Sanctuario de San Antonio. The fully aircondioned Church is packed to capacity as well as its parking lots and the road.

My most favorite part of the Church is this statue. Their life size stations of the cross is not nice.

As the sun progresses into the sky most of the Churches have conducted their services and are packed full. Even the small Greenbelt Chapel or the Chapel of Sto. Nino dela Paz.

Then there is the interesting architecture of St. John Bosco, Makati. It's a modern building build by a national architect Zaragoza. It features the life of St. John Bosco and St. Dominic Savio.

Last stop is my Parish where I used to be a volunteer until they changed into something. I don't know. I don't care anymore. This is a Church that features wonderful stained glass. The altar used to be much grand and better but lots of changes has been adopted and the alter is just plain and simple.

I end this post with a pabasa being held near the Church. I wish next time do to a pabasa. One of the things I have always wanted to do.

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