Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Emperor's Lunch Buffet and the Chinese New Year at Ramada Manila Central

It's my second time to dine for the Chinese New Year at Ramada Manila Central. It's always great to be in a place where service is good and you know you are paying for what you wanted. That is to be served lots of interesting food on a special holiday.

The hotel offers a great view of the Chinatown or Binondo skyline. You can also see below the Binondo Church. This alone is one of the great offers of the Hotel. With their friendly staff we were given a chance to take pictures and enjoy such a unique view.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Minasa Festival, Sto. Nino and Heritage Houses: Lakad Pamana Tour (Part 2)

Now I go into the small Municipal Hall of Bustos. It's tight and fully functional. Again with many government offices the restrooms needs a real good clean. It stinks.

The Municipal Hall could also get an overhaul on how it looks and presents itself. True to its history and function.

The insides as I was told is more in keeping to the original look of the Municipal Hall. The grandstaircase with its big painting captures you.

Looking up you see the different leaders of the Municipality til the present.These are the people who helped contribute to the Municipalities history.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Minasa Festival, Sto. Nino and Heritage Houses: Lakad Pamana Tour (Part 1)

Another great town from Bulacan has opened its door to its rich culture, history, heritage and amazing food.

The tour starts at the Plaza Bustos Bulacan.

The Bustos Heritage Park is a nice quaint place where you can experience fun and art in one place. Do not think of anything like the mall. This is the country side. They are not that stupid and gullible with consumerist lifestyle yet.

Registration is straight-forward and easy. And all of the participants are awesome.

I am here to see what Bustos has to offer and the things that might make the place apart from the rest of historically rich Bulacan.