Monday, January 4, 2016

It's 2016!

Last year was the time I lost interest in writing blogs. I felt so uninspired to write about anything. My friends left me at the company where we used to work for and moved to another company. I was supposed to apply there but their restrictions cannot have me there as well. Somehow I am glad I didn't move to that company. Something tells me weird about that company.

I took lots of pictures and yet I took long before to post them. I even rarely attended blog events and just went to the Buddhist meetup every weekend. I think that was one of the good things I have done last year.

Now I got some mojo back for writing and I will write those write ups from the past year. Sorry it took me a long time to really write. And yes don't expect writing for the mass media or what have you. This is my life. OK?

Anyways, Happy New Year bastards!

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