Friday, December 18, 2015

Quezon City Experience or the QCEX (Quezon Memorial Circle) Part 2

This is part two of the QCEX. We went back and there is more to being in a place more than twice. You get much familiar and you get to take pictures of places and things you forgot.

1st time visitors to the Museum is asked to wait at this wonderful area. You can watch music videos about Quezon City with its comfortable chairs and nice air conditioning.

Most of the areas can be rented for special events. They are adding more facilities like cafes and shops for the coming visitors.

You would also notice that no tree waas cut during the making od this facility. They built well on the trees. This also allows natural light to come in.

Their staff are highly skilled, polite, accommodating and professional. That is important if you want visitors to come in.

They showed us a coference area. And everything is fresh and new. I like everything is presented.

See that floor? Means its really new! BTW it was just our group who was shown this.

The shop will feature a lot of handmade and natural products that helps communities and the environment as well.

The buildings are separated by walkways and in between are grass and trees.

Then we went up to see some skyline. The skyline is not that wide from here but gives a nice place to relax with all green around.

OMG! Ants...

We then go to the galleries. I think there are 16 galleries and the front desk is well made. With a replica of the three angels that top the Quezon pylon, each representing the three regions of the country.

The reception area for the exhibits are very modern and shows the places of Quezon city. There are monitors that deal with the goals of the city.

Here are some familiar scenes from last time. So I will just talk more of the things that were missed from last time.

This is the group of course without me. Hehehe....

Here is an interesting presentation of the white lady. Last time I didn't see it.

Here is a simple map showing that the area of the Quezon Memorial Circle is supposed to be the heart of Quezon City, the once former capital of the Philippines.

Then there is a sample of the housing projects done at that time.

Of course here are some familiar signs we see on jeepneys.

Here are some of the tour participants taking a ride on a jeep.

A new exhibit is shown here. These are slicing machine for films. Because Quezon City is the city of actors and two of the big TV company. An exhibit is shown just for that as well.

Then we have the area to address the current problems of the city.

There is also a long hall to show the different baranggays of Quezon City. It deals on where they got their names. But I really don't care about such Trivialities.

The tour ends with a video presentation about Quezon City.

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