Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Under new management: New Office Drama

Our friend and Team Leader just quit the job. He made the announcement at the end of July. I wondered who will be the new Team Leader and I have heard rumors that it will be T-Rex

Then on the so called Training. Actually its more like a meeting with pizza. The boss announced that it was will be T-Rez based on some criteria. I have no idea what criteria they used but I am sure it is not on quality of work but of pronunciation alone. My company is more on pronunciation. Fuck teaching methodologies and educational psychology or even linguistics

It's now all about pronunciation and how we are going to pretend we are fucking native American speakers. Although they hide under the term Accent Reduction. All lies and bullshit. I am not a young stupid ignorant Elementary kid who will believe any crap told him.

Immediately the new management started to give their so called changes. They asked for this and that to the point of absurdity. I mean many teacher's were pissed with the added work load.

One example is the so called "Undertime record." Which is not really a record or report of undertime calls but a report of something like just put anything there and that is because we said so. Again under the pretext of "the boss said so." Again another questionable idea.

They also have elevated themselves to higher positions and now no one talks to them. We have hired supposed to be QA (I have no idea what QA means to them) that will also do training for us for the so called accent reduction but looking at their materials (without sources and citations) that are made to make us sound like fake Americans.

So its now what we called MJ empire. Ruled by the unbreakable tandem. Who said they should be respected. With their two "native speakers" to lick their asses and wipe them as well. Then the well wishers lead by the biggest chismosa of the company.

Good luck to me. I hope I don't blow up anytime soon.

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