Friday, August 14, 2015

Hell and Heaven meet at the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale

Without any sleep just to wake up early  and on the first day. I was a bit worried about going there too early since I really don't have money to things with. And I usually do my buying quick.

I arrived at the Warehouse at around 9:30 and it was shocking that its already packed and full of people. So far this is one of the best sales they have because they have good titles for everyone. Of course the books and other stuff was just priced right.

Being in a warehouse full of books is just heaven for people like me. But as soon as I stepped in with the people, the problem became evident.


So there you have it: heat, dust and people. Perfect ingredients for the making of hell.

The other thing is the people. You guessed it right. People are annoying during these sale. They will nudge on you. Push you and even block ways because they are busy looking for what to buy. There are also people who occupy too much space or just eat your space when they come near you. These are the people that needs to be put in jail forever.

I  looked around and then started to look for their postcards. Last time I was able to buy one box with 2000 postcards for just around Php 200. Now they hiked up the price. Its Php 20 per pack. That is about 40 postcards for Php 20. Still not bad but most of the designs they have are not interesting. Or something I have bought a long time ago.

The place is also stacked with Christmas decors for a cheap price. So its good for early Christmas shopping.

Behind those trees are boxes of books to be opened. Also one problem is that the lines for payment is just too way fucking long.

I believe that books bring me to heaven but people are just fucking demons. BTW the staff they have are cooperative and helpful.

Good luck on your shopping of books!

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