Monday, June 1, 2015

Time limit is being implemented on Rizal Park without prior warning

Luneta as people know it more has been a place where many people find refuge in the City of Manila. It's a home for those people who cannot find space and the money to spend on the ever growing number of malls we have. It's a public park and has served even as home to so many people and even transient housing for those who cannot afford. Sometimes they don't even have any serious housing problem, they just need a place to hangout and waste their time and Luneta or Rizal Park has been that for many years.

The trees there have seen many things happen but for many people it holds a special memory. We don't have malls that are open after 10 PM. Where do people go to? Again Luneta is an open refuge.

Despite the problems of homeless people staying there, the many drunkards who spend their time there as well as those drug addicts I don't see that as a good reason even to keep the park closed

At around past 12 am June 1, 2015 people within or near the part where the Rizal monument is, people were shooed out and told the park will close. The people whom I join were a bit shocked and retaliated. Yes, those noisy fuckers and idiots who debate every weekend.

Let me tell you why there is a debate area in Rizal Park near the chess plaza. Well it was not supposed to be there according to the oral history of the people of Luneta. Most of the started in Plaza Miranda in front of the Quiapo Church. But during martial law they have no option but to move away there and moved to Rizal Park or Luneta.

The debaters were all shocked and asked for the reason. The discussion were then shut down. After a a couple of minutes of talks and discussions. The police and the security gave us the space after the talks.

I also learned that the other side (between Maria Orosa and Taft Avenue) has also been closed last week.

So I wonder why they have to lock up the Park? Why was there no memo beforehand? I mean if people were not taken aback like that then there would have been no problem. People would have accepted it. Soon there might a mall over Rizal Park or another condo.

Here are some crappy videos thank to the smartphone I have:

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