Friday, February 27, 2015

Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour (Part 5)

We go now to Bistro Maloleno for their food. I mean food that is in keeping with the recipes of Tita Mila as they say.

There is chicken and soup.

Arroz ala Cubana

Pochero and fried rice

Dessert is of course the pinaso.

There is a demonstration of the unique crafts of Malolos.

Then how to glaze your jamon bulacena and pinaso with sugar. Yes tons of sugar are used...

Another interesting food is the empanada de kaliskis. Its unique because of its texture and you can only buy it in one place.

The owner of the store and his family.

They also have their gurgurya or gorgorya and biscocho de sebo.

Then we are off to the shrine of Marcelo H del Pilar. One of the bright minds of the revolution.

The house is bare and is intended as an educational center.

The del Pilar surname was not passed on based on this family tree.

This old simple house is where Juan Luna painted the painting called Una Bulakena. This is her house. Problem is I don't remember the name of the lady painted and also who lived at this house.

Now we are at the Nuestra Senora de Assuncion. This is the place where the Santa Cruzan was born.

The inscription at the top of the tower.

The old doors of the Church.

Like with the other Churches there was a wedding in here as well.

Next time, we look into their Campo Santos or cemetery.

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