Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour (Part 4)

Now my camera is alive again and I was able to take more pictures of the house but I got so distracted and didn't know what pictures to take and did miss many things to post like the Santo Entiero they have lying on a bed.

An apotheosis by Fernando Amorsolo.

Stained glass by House Kraut.

Religious images and  view to the Prayer Room.

The family'a recent photo, many of whom are doctors.

The family prayer room.

Undernear these sheets is not a dead person but the Santo entiero or the image of Jesus.

Many of us are dreaming to have an Fernando Amorsolo. This house has a mural of fishes by the artist.

There is a spiral staircase leading to the highest part of the house where violin was played during the owners time. The room was really simple but had a wonderful view outside.

They have nice tiles and wood flooring as well.

I forgot what the tour guide said about this house. I just remembered the sign that it was to be torn down.

I am glad that we were able to enter the house of the Bautista's. I mean the other house. This is place such a splendor to see.

Details shows fruits, flowers and nuts found in Bulacan.

They say its a tradition to put a cross on the main beam of the house. This is for good luck and safety as well.

There is a room dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

I also took a picture of a neaby house.

A marker placed on the remaining wall of the school that was founded for the ladies of Malolos.

Despite being an old place there is space for new religions like the Mormons and others.

The remnants of the Casa Tribunal.

Now we are back to the Barasoin Church and everyone is hungry. Next time its the food and of course more old houses.

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