Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour (Part 1)

This place has lots of history, wonderful food and good-hearted people. They are a people with an identity and perspective on what it means to be a Bulakenyo.

This tour is very generous and is a feast for the eyes, mouth and for the mind as well.

We enter the compound of the famous Barasoain Church. I take my chance and take photos of the Church in many ways I can since I have no idea when I will ever be coming back.

Here at the Glorietta stands and effigy of Pedro Paterno and the signatories of the First Congress of Emilio Aguinaldo. We are tol of the history of the Church. Ans of the origins of the name of Malolos and Bulacan.

One of the participants is actually a descendant of Pedro Paterno.

We go to the Parochial residence often confused by people as a convent. Nope its for the offices of the Parish priest.

Here is a carriage that was used by Emilio Aguinaldo.

We are given formal welcome to the Museum showing the history of the struggle from freedom lead by Aguinaldo and his team.

We have a grandson of Apolinario Mabini guide us through the Museum.

After the declaration of the Philippine Independence it was very important to ratify a constitution and it very existence as a state.

Here are representations of the people who were involved with the Malolos Congress and constitution.

This thing can let you see #D and you think #D is something new. No its very old....

There is too much action happening with the group and we get information on those days people are delimited on where they can enter a house.

I thought the Barasoain Church was a huge one but it is not that huge and the architecture is not that impressive as other Churches that I have been to.

We were told that one of the most important thing in the Church was a recent one called the relic of St. John Paul II.

Here is the interior of the Church.

Wait there is still more...

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