Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rediscovering the poetry of Ferdinand Pisigan Jarin in Music and other shit

OK I heard of him from a classmate fan of mine when I was a freshman in college at the Philippine Normal University. Unlike many people who gather around and talk about this and that I kept to myself and my so called way of studies.

I had a group at that time. It was a learning experience to be with them. Now I know whom should I keep as friends and those I keep an eye on.

I just lived life at that time and have read some of Ferdi's writing on the Torch or sometimes called the Sulo. The Torch or Sulo is the official school paper with many interesting and often times radical ideas. I enjoyed reading the stories and poetry there.

I have never met Ferdi as what my classmate calls him because I have no other way of talking or referring about him. Often times I confused him with another Ferdi from a higher class.

Life went on and so did the years. I read from the publications of the school the raw realities of life and at the same time how wonderful it is. I am glad and proud to be a PNUan because of the things I was able to learn and read.

I am now just an asshole trying to write my life so at least someone can remember. I wish I can be eloquent even in Filipino but I am neither good in English.

I was also planning on buying his book, "Anim na Sabado ng Beyblade." But I feel would suffer another mood swing and tantrum like I got so stressed reading books by Eros Atalia. I feel Ferdi would also affect me the way I was affected by the rich literary culture of PNU with its brilliant minds.

Last Sunday I was able to chance upon a concert of his at the Concert at the Park. I was like OMG! I bought the album despite its ghetto looks. I doesn't matter I am buying the music.

I wanted his signature but fear got me and I thought I should be content with his music. BTW we were classmates in a PE class, gymnastics. I hated gymnastics that when I met Ferdi it was already my second time to get the subject. We had chatted because I was at that time an irregular student like him. And then I relised this is the awesome dude. But I kept that to myself and just poker faced when talking to him. He was really diplomatic and honorable as a person. I didn't finish that class as well and dropped after sometime.

Going back here is a snippet of his song from Rizal Park's Concert at the Park. Sorry my phone camera wasn't able to do any justice.

That is the song Kapag umibig ka written with a batchmate of mine.

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