Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The coming Christmas party (2014 horror story of mine)

So people have gone crazy over the coming Christmas party at work. It is scheduled on December 13, 2014 on a Saturday. Prior to this the AM people have been busy preparing themselves days ahead on their presentation. We were only officially told just last night of the confirmation of the event.

We would have a presentation for the event. That is just fucking interesting for me.

I am an introvert and this is once again stressful for me. I needed a good excuse and saying I cannot go because blah blah blah will not work. I need a really good excuse. I asked a group of smart people and I basically got nothing.

I have to pretend now that I am going to the party by joining fucking practices.

I rather stay away on that with a good friend. Then the scary part is that I have to spend time with people I don't even like and pretend I like it. Of course there are some people and how they fucking dress.

It's a real problem for me because I am really honest and not a good liar and for making excuses. I would rather scream I fucking hate Christmas parties!

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