Friday, September 12, 2014

The Padilla Art Gallery and ancestral house at Quiapo

Quiapo is one of the oldest districts of Manila nad is now known as a place where you can buy bootleg or pirated CDs of almost anything. Despite the fact that its illegal bootleg heaven still exists despite the raids being done there, It is also a place for the Muslims and their wares. Also a place for the followers of the Black Nazarene.

Many even forget that old families have lives here for hundreds of years. Proud families of rich lineage and their old houses. Despite the rotting nature of some of the houses. There are of course some houses that refuse to die and continues to live as a living proof of Quiapo as a place of wonder.

The Padilla House is located on Hidalgo Street just beyond Bakerite. It's hard to miss.

We were welcomes by its current owner Mr. Manny Padilla who is an artists who wants to tell the story of Quiapo in painting. He is an artists who doesn't sign his work but paints himself and some of his family into each art work.

If you are interested to visit the Gallery you can inquire at the computer shop located downstairs. There is small fee to be paid and you will see how the owner has tried to save and maintain his wonderful house.


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