Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Going to mass on Mary's birthday (2014)

When I am bored I tend to just kill my time with anything despite the fact that I need to do many things.

It's just Monday and I have no work. I got to my feet and decided to go to the mall and at the same time hear mass. I made sure to be there before 6 because I know most masses are at 6. I as at the mall despite the drizzle of rain past 5 pm. The Church seems to be closed at that time so I decided to check their schedule.

I was right the mass starts at 6 pm. So I wandered the mall of course going to booksale just to kill time. I also went to see what is new and checked for water at the food court. SM MOA seems to have removed all the drinking stations at the food court what a bummer.

So I went back after 30 minutes and the Church is now open with the rosary going on. Some people are kneeling while the rest are like people at the movie theater bored with the trailers for upcoming movies.

This Church seems to be in short of men. Lots of the servers were women. But at least they know what they are doing and is dressed properly for the service.

This church is also lazy for relying too much on prerecorded audios for the Angelus and other prayers. The choir was OK but they sometimes make my ear bleed. I am also glad that the songs they play here are not the awful Charismatic songs I hear at the SM Megamall chapel.

The mass was in English the sermon was OK but again like many sermons boring. Nothing significant in what the priest said.

The last part was the most boring lots of prayers for Mary was said. OK lets excuse that since its her birthday. They played a recording of Awit sa Ina ng Santo Rosaryo that is hard to sing with. The audio of this church needs fine tuning.

Well at least this mass ate some time and I am gld to know that they are fully using the new translation of the Roman Missal with even the Nicene creed.

Well that goes for my Church going experience again.

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