Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kulay-doscope at Galeria de las Islas

Kulay-doscope is a celebration of life and colors of the artists of Pinsel Art Society. They are named after the small brush used by artists because their numbers are quite small. It was established in 1995 and has 12 core members but they are always welcome with new and young artists.

The current President Mr. Romy de Leon is an artist that paints landscapes and nature explains the goal of the group. He said, " There is a need for the public to be educated in Art."

Kulay-doscope is a play on the words kulay and the device called kaleidoscope. And indeed many of the artists featured show that splash of color and life.

Mr. Romy de Leon, President of Pinsel Art Society standing with his landscape

You can visit the Kulay-doscope Art exhibit by Pinsel Art Society at the Galerias de las Islas, which i in turn located at the Silahis Arts and Artifacts in Juan Luna Street in Intramuros.

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