Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rizal Park Closed (July 20, 2014)

After the lectures I attended at Greenhills I headed with my friend to Rizal PArk for our weekly devotional. That is to waste time on the Park away from Facebook and the rest of the world. Only to find out that the Park is closed. 

You get me? A public park that is paid by tax money is fucking closed. We ask securities and asked why. Their answer was consistent and clear. The park had to be cleaned and repaired after the damage it sustained during the typhoon namned Glenda. 

I looked beyond the gates and saw that everything is fine. They say they will open on Monday. That  feels like 9:45 AM at the mall. You know that time when people wait for like an eternity just for the fucking gates to open.

Lots of people are waiting for thei home and tambayan to open. Sorry I have no other way of saying tambayan in English. Lounge is way not the same as tambayan.

Me and my friend decided to go home that time. Let's see next week what has really happened.

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