Saturday, July 26, 2014

#AllergicAkoSa by Allergic Alice: A YouTube ad

There are many YouTube adds out there. They induce in us that 5 seconds can be a lot longer than eternity. Sometimes you just want to cream at the the top of your lungs.

I bet you stopped watching TV for the same reasons I did: Stupid and annoying ads. Most of them are meaningless shit.

Today as I was going to watch about a documentary about the Last Emperor in China. This advertisement came up.

It's about a young rich lady who is sick about this and that. She doesn't sing that well and her song is very simple. She doesn't cream all high notes that make my ear bleed like anything you hear on noontime shows in the Philippines.

The song also talks about most of the things I also hate about people in the Philippines or even maybe worldwide. Also the songs doesn't pretend to be anything at all but a story of a rich lady who cannot relate to what most of the Pinoys are doing. And is just actually talking about that man she likes.


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