Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Orchidology 101 (Day 1)

The usual routine I do is go to the MRT and then walk to the Quezon Memorial Circle. I was a bit late today so I needed to take the jeep. 

The first problem I encountered, actually the only problem I have was looking for the venue. No one knows the Gaycanco Hall. I asked security people, I asked people working there, I even asked the police. No one seems to know the existence of the Gaycanco Hall. 

I almost went home and gave up but I followed my instincts and found the place just by walking past the Quezon House. 

The lecture was led by Mr. Ray Ong. Another Ray Ong but this time a plant and orchid expert. I have no clues about his expertise but can explain everything in a simple and interesting way. Not a boring speaker ever. 

The lecture started with the basics. Yes because this is a basic lecture. We learned what is an orchid, it's origins and other basic trivia stuff about orchids. Like any other modern person I took notes by taking pictures. 

The most interesting part of the lecture came when we talked about fertilizers. I learned that many people put weird things on their orchids. That is from rice rinse, wines, beers, contraceptive pills, to even urine.

Most of them were of course not suited for the Orchids. what Orchids needs are the primary nutrients namely: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, Then we have the secondary which is Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. And last will be the trace elements.

Yeah no need to also put multi-vitamins into the plants. They don't need them especially B vitamin complex.

The hard to find Century Club Building or Gaycanco Hall.

The last part was the Flowering of Orchids. Mr. Ray Oang said that we should let them flower on their own. We just cannot force them. There is no such thing as a chemical that will force your flower to bud or open.

The annoying part of this lecture at times is that this head always comes in my pictures. lolz

Next time we will be in Greenhills.

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