Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In honor of the SONA fashion show and all the lies of the Aquino government

SONA 2014 and all that fashion show never gave a damn to this poor fellow who wanders the Pasig River.

Photo taken at Ayala Bridge.

while people rant and rave about what the politicians were wearing. Lauding this and that for being the worst dress of the best dress. Who looks rich and the Prsident makes more promises and talks about his so called accomplishments. While berating and blaming other people rather than himself and his dysfunctional family.

All that crap we don't even care about and is not even important. This man is trying to survive the high waters of shit the Philippine President spews on the media. The incompetence to clean government offices of corruption and the promise of the meaningless path. Wherever that path leads it's sure going hell or nothing.

Or should we contemplate that Nancy Binay was a Pokemon or not. Kris Aquino whores herself like the bitch that needs a dick all the time and endless attention.

While we are busy with shit like that people suffer and get ignored.

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