Friday, June 20, 2014

TBT and the Pamantasan ng Makati (Buendia)

I graduated from Pamantasan ng Makati -Science and Technology High School (formerly Polytechnic College) located at Buendia. That was in 1998. At that time the first people to go were the college students and most of the school were left to us high schoolers. 

Now the school is in ruins. Even the shop where I once tried to learn automotive is gone but at least is still in use. 

This was the gate where we used to enter for Mondays is for the flag ceremony. Often times despite the 7 am class I would still be late. The small building beside was for the Woodworking and Electronics rooms.

The whole place seems to be or have been eaten by the earth as if nature is taking root. And indeed some have really taken root on the buildings. I wanted to enter but I was feeling too stupid to ask the guard. Maybe I will try that soon.

The long walk going around this area, often times students waited for friends here and there. I never really even learned the name of this street.

Soon no one will ever remember that once this area was alive with noisy students. That frat wars and good memories happened at this building. Maybe soon this place will also be a mall or a condo.

This was the gym where my classmates playes and I as well. I learned baseball here as well as volleyball and even badminton but never basketball.

In the afternoon this gate beside the canteen will open and let students out. The name of the school is slowly vanish like all the memories of this place

I remember having my first year and fourth year at this side. I cannot even remember which is our actual room.

Last time I heard this building was condemned for being structurally weak was to be replaced. It's been years since the Binays said that. Nothing has happened ever since.

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