Friday, June 13, 2014

Memorial Day (June 6, 2014)

It's Memorial Day or 현충일(顯忠日). I have n work and I didn't want to spend my time at home sulking like an idiot.

The game plan was to knit at Starbucks and waste a few hours there. Well things change when you are already in the road. My destination was SM Mall of Asia. There is a Starbucks there that is not filled with people. It's on a building called One E-com Center.

I didn't go in and just decided to go to the seaside. I walked towards the water and then turned right. The water fucking stinks real bad that I almost puked. The wind was blowing hard and the water mists unto the air.

I saw a mackerel tabby under a chair. I am going to do this.

I took a walk after bidding the cat goodbye ubtil I saw a cruise that gives in dinner. The offer was good so I took a picture just in case I want to do it,

I took a seat and smelled the decay of the waters.

If I fall unto this water I will surely die... lolz

I saw a bridge a while ago,and my mind goes. Let's walk over there and see. And I followed where my feet wants me.

There were fishermen doing their siesta and just taking a rest.

The road gets bigger and see familar buildings to the left and right of the road.

So here is where our voted Senators lurk and waste money?

I see the Manila Film Center. But my goal today was the GSIS Museum. I made it there before 4 pm. The place is packed with modern art.

I told myself, "Nope, hate modern art."

This is one huge statue of Rizal, just the size alone creeps me.

I saw someone who called me at this point. She seems familiar but I don't remember her. lolz

This one of the pianos from the Manila Metropolitan Theater. It's a Yamaha!

And then the Amorsolo paintings from the Metropolitan Theater. Actually this one about the History of Dance is not the original. It is talked that the original is with an elderly Senator.

Does this figure look like Imelda Marcos? Some people say YES.

Here is the second piano from the Manila Metropolitan Theater. Yes, its' another Yamaha!

The palce is packed with modern art and paintings!

There is even an on going exhibit on futuristic gowns.

There is a room somewhat dedicated to maps and some interesting pictures.

This blown u picture of the Bahay Nakpil-Bautista shows children swimming in the waters. Now these waters are full of shit!

It took me les than 30 minutes to see everything. Actually I was just interested with the Amorsolo paintings because the ones I see at the MET are nothing but tarpaulins.

Then I found myself outside walking. It's so hot and yet I had to do this. This might be my only chance. And then I looked around the area of the Manila Film Center. Such a waste of space. that stupid urban legend is just annoying.

Surely there is nothing Amazing in this place anymore.

SO I started walking once more. Now its clear I an heading to Harrison Plaza. there are lots places to see.

Hey that is the Coconut Palace another Marcos Project. Come to think of it most of the places here are because of the Marcoses.

Wide roads and wide side walks.

The Philippine International Converntion Center and its well manicured lawns and plants...

There are more trees in this areas alone than the whole city of Manila. well that is just an exaggeration.

Then the Folk Arts Theater or the Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas.

But what desecration or shit is this? Bulwagan ng Panginoon? WTF!

And now I leave that behind and see the road that goes ahead.

A new Ballet Philippines area? Interesting... Now they have that shit called Zumba as well.

Beyond is the Star City and the Aliw Theater.

And of course the Cultural Center of the Philippines...

Roxas Boulevard and the new and old condos.

That made me thirty. I got a gulp at 7-11 and then went to Harrison Plaza but after that I was too lazy to take pictures.

I went also the Robisnon's Place, Solidaridad Bookstore, Rizal Park and of course SM Manila.

Now isn't that memorable?

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