Sunday, June 8, 2014

Remembering our pocket money or allowance

How much was my allowance?

I was given some but smal;er compared to my cousins. When I was in Elementary it started with Php2 until it reached Php5. I can buy some juice on a cup and rice soup or whatever for just one peso.

Then high school I improved a bit because I needed to take ride to Buendia to the Pamantasan ng Makati (formerly called Polytechnic).. I was given Php20 this time but most of that just ended with snacks.

Then I moved unto collage, now it was Php50 but I need to take a jeep and then LRT for school. This time I got a part time teaching and also doing being a student assistant at the library.

Despite the little of what I have before I was happy and content compared now. I miss those days of less worry and the idea that if I don't have any someone can save me.

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