Friday, April 4, 2014

The problem with the PHLPost personalized stamps

From a post in Facebook:
Naman! The Boracay sheetlet only has 6 stamps with P15 face value: that's P90, but the Post Office is selling the sheetlet at P250! The premium is much higher than the sheetlet (which comes with a presentation folder of poor design and an open plastic sleeve for the sheetlet which does not really protect it from staining in the long term). That means you pay P90 for the stamps and P160 for the accessories. Someone is getting greedier.
And the post Office will not sell retail: you have to buy the entire pack. Same with the earlier Philpost sheetlet, which also comes with a folder for P250, too. At least each of the 6 Philpost stamps in the sheetlet has a face value of P35 pesos -- P210 for the stamps and a forced sale of P40 for the folder.
That's what we get when this President Aquino appointed a former governor to head the Philpost, a government-controlled corporation. Aquino is not financially corrupt, but his moral value is as low as his IQ.

This is another deterent to the people who are and maybe wants to start philately or stamp collecting.

For the love of all that is good, please stop doing this PHLPost.

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