Friday, April 25, 2014

Sts. John Paul II and John XXIII on Philippine Stamps

People you must brace yourselves with the latest stamp from the Philpost. They are going to feature the two newest saints of the Catholic Church for the amazing price of Php 200 each.

We now have St. John Paul the Great and St. John XXIII.

Here are the very expensive and not so philately friendly price of the Philpost:

I will not talk about the life of those Saints. You can google them quite easy.

But wonder why so expensive? I have the same questions myself. Because the Vatican seems to be selling their stamps again cheaper than the Philpost has.

Here are the Vatican issued stamps for the canonization of these two great Popes of the Church:

This one just costs Eur 1.90 or Php 117.40

They also have a stamp and coin stamp. The stamp just costs Eur.0.80 or Php 49.43

These guys will be like Eur 0.85 x 6 =  Eur 5.10 or Php 315.13. That is still way better than the Philippine issued stamps.

The one on the right costs Eur 2.50 or just Php 154.48

This one for St. John XXIII just costs Eur 0.70 or for the small amount of Php 43.25

These two guys will just sell for Eur 2.00 or for just Php 123.58

Now do you see why I am mad? This thing being done by the PHLpost is just killing philately more and more.

Good luck to the very few people who still try to collect stamps like me.

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