Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Awkward at Nagsasa Cove and still had fun

Awkward is usually some people use in a negative way but for me awkward is my life and soul. I bet I already said that at sometime before.

My co-worker-friend invited me to join a summer get away swimming a months ago. I said yes because I think I deserved one and I think need one. Is it for the fun and all that shit? Nope I just did it out the sheer need to kill monotony. 

After work I took a bus to the meeting place somewhere in Bulacan I think. I have no idea where I really went. One funny thing is that this was one of the longest bus trips I had. We took off after work. The ride was bumpy and it was the first time after many years that I felt really sick. I was proud of myself because it was near Munoz I already feel throwing up like crazy but I made it after many minutes. I think it was hours. lolz

W got down at 7-11 so I was able to control my perspiration and shaking> Hey! I need to man up for this and that is ahrd when you are about the faint from a body that has all int's internal organs mixed because of one hell of a bumpy ride on a bus. 

After eating stuff at 7-11 the other guys came in with the van. This my first time to meet the Metrogate boys. And damn I just know two of them. The whole group is now 12 including the driver. We sat on the van and then the trip to Zambales started. 

They seem to be nice people and being boys with boys they were talking about a lot of their adventures in life. This is where I hear about a strange story but I will tell you that in my nexyt blog entry. 

I was just like there sitting and waiting for something to happen. Yeah awkward but I enjoyed their stories with a poker face. I don't know them yet and doing so for my standards is kind of offensive. 

We took a plaza at this plaza somewhere with two chapels. Vendors were selling us hammocks because they says its good for putting between the pine trees. Hmm pine trees.

Then off we go to our trip, the sun is coming up soon and my brain has started to shut down at random times. Prior to this trip I had no sleep because I had to do my laundry before going and write postcards. 

We arrived at a village that caters to trevelers like us and some places are indeed resorts. But we are taking a boat ride. Now I heard that we are going to Nagsasa. I thought we were going to Anawangin. Well never mind I agreed so I just go where they go. 

Before taking  I saw this cute family of cats by a restroom. I think that is a good sign. lolz

So we now took a boat going to the place called Nagsasa Cove. It took about an hour just to get there. But the view is nice and interesting. The place looks like it was mined for rocks as you can see how it all seems unnatural. The ranges all seem to have lost it's trees and the trees are just coming up here and there. 

The water is fresh and clean and there are times when you can really see the bottom of the seafloor. Just wow!

I really don't knw what time we came in that Saturday but surely it was really early. Everything was set-up fast because we are all boys except one. There were two tents one big and one bigger. Then the drinking started. Wait I forgot which one started, the drinking or the cooking but surely before lunch everyone was already drunk.

We decided to stop for a while and go for a swim. We had then our lunch and then some more drinks. I was already palpitaitng badly so I took sleep at one of the tents.

I woke up late and then had dinner with the guys. We made bonfire and ate marshmallows. And soon everyone was drunk again.

Being a night person I was all awake at this time. So to kill time I went to the beach and alone.

This is where everything goes awkward. I go sti near some people hoping to be not that alone. I switched on my phone's music so I can enjoy my time with the sand, water, wind and the stars.

Some group of ladies and a another gay man wanted to hit on me. I just sat there pretending I don't understand them. I was carrying this great poker face like Kristen Stewart or Kim Chiu. I never balked or reacted. I never looked at their direction. I just looked forward and enjoyed my music. They srated to sing me songs and stuff but still they got nothing.

They even thought I was Korean and tried talking Korean to me but nothing. I just sat there and ignored them. That was really awkward for me and them as well. I was being a total snob at that time. Well I have no obligation to them so I had no reason to talk to them. Besides I think I got them interested in me for such a long time.

I decided to get up and see the other guys. As I stood up they bade farewell to me.lolz

I saw that everyone at the tents are drop dead sleeping. So I just took some kretek and then went back to the beach. Now I decided to move away from people. I listened to songs and watched other campers fly their sky lanterns up the dark blue sky. It went to the stars and beyond.

I took another moment till I felt bored and moved on to reading the book I was given a few weeks ago. The book was called Smillas Sense of Snow. It was a nice read with its strong langauge and smart prose.

I would put the book down and lie in the sand listneing to the wind and then staring at the stars. Then I guess it was sleep time since I am already going on and off by the beach. I snuck in the tend and found a place between two others and slept.

As usual I wke up late to the sound of the other guys. I was sleeping way better in here. I had a breakfast and by this time the Metrogate boys have grown with me. They are cool guys without the bullshit despite their so called vices or drinking and smoking.

I think I am going to look forward to the next outing.

We had left Nagsasa cove at around 11 with the boat off to antoerh island.

I forgot the name of the small Island we went throught but it not as nice as Nagsasa. It was full of seaweeds here and there and the beach was not as good and is quite deep.

Then we decided to leave immediately for land. Now we are going home. I slept again at the van most of the time. Waking here and there.

So there is my awkward moment at Nagsasa with good people.

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