Thursday, April 10, 2014

Senior Center at Rizal Park (Not even senior friendly)

The Senior Center was one of the places opened up at the Rizal PArk for its Senior visitors. It's a place where they should be able to take some rest and just chat over with other friends and maybe some other family members.

They also provided them some exercise machines so as to make their bodies stronger. 

One of the new places to visit and was inagurated in February 2014. I went there for a look last Sunday and this is what I saw.

There are no guards or security for the place for children have destroyed the facilities to be used as exercise machines. 

Some of the machines have parts taken off and is not working anymore.

This kid tried to play still with a broken machine.

We are in Manila so trash is evident and someof the plants may also give way to nothing because of littering.

The place also has become a lover's lane as well. Poor Senior Citizens!

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