Wednesday, April 9, 2014

APO Stamp Auction (April 6, 2014)

This is my first time to do and really focus on a stamp auction. Usually I cannot sit down and listen to the stamp auctions being done by the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club.

It's the first Sunday f the month and I head to the PHLpost alone. I know people will be there but I rather keep to myself when doing things like this. You know I am a lone wolf. 

I went a bit late and I noticed that this group has fewer people in attendance. I wrote my name and got a number. I chose 13 for luck.

Most of the items are interesting and quite cheap. I had my eyes on the maxicards as well as some stamps. I have my auction list marked jut in case. I have a little budget and I said I must not exede Php 500 for the stamps. I need to survive till Thursday.

Look its just a bunch of people and collectors. This group needs to market itself before the oldies die off.

The auction didn't start on time and I took the liberty to take picture of things here and there. I wonder what shooting has happened at PHLpost and also why do they have to prioritize on first Sunday mass?

The auction was good but was dominated by these two white guys. Oh God I quite hated them. lolz

My luck number enabled me to get the three postcards that I wanted. Also most of the stuff I got was at the starting price. It's a win moment for me because I just wasted Php360.00.

APO always conducts their stamp auction on the first Sunday of the month

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