Wednesday, March 19, 2014

68 Orchid and Garden Annual show 2014 by the Philippine Orchid Society

It seems no one can be late for whatever you want. Last week I was not able to join friends last week because I have no sense of keeping with activities until its too late. So I woke up early and headed to Quezon Memorial Circle for the Orchid show but this time with Bantam Chickens.

Despite going out early I still managed to get to the place late because the fucking MRT stalled me again for about 20 minutes this time. Despite the new policy of rides, problems still arise.

I paid the entrance fee of Php30.00 for the exhibits knowing in full that most of the flowers will be withered and dead (or even half dead).

The flowers still smell nice after many a days and there is always something beautiful here and there.

The only downside to this show is that even the commercial areas are being charged. No wonder many sellers are so disappointed and actually have so little earnings from the show. Some sellers actually told me and my friend that they may not even go back on the next show.

The people are also shocked to heart that in order to buy some plants I need to pay an extra more.

Anyways, I don't care about the fee since its just Php 30.00 and I am not like many bloggers who just come for the freebies. I call them opportunists and whatevers. The reason I came here is that a nice friend invited me and I want to see the bantam chickens.

Most are members of the Philippine Bantam Fancier's Association. Most are young guys and seem to be quite hip for such a hobby.

I think I tend to associate roosters and chickens to Sabungeros (or cock fighters).

Some of the members of the Philippine Bantam Fancier's Association members Paul Anthony Rodriguez, Bryan James Guevarra, Ramil Fabian, Dr. Paul Robles Tagama, Boogie Lee, AJ Carable Donvega Sotto Naguit (Right to left)

We capped out little tour with some natural foods made from Dragon Fruit. their ice cream is just simply rich and delicious.

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