Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SM Aura and drama of famewhores (Another drama at work)

The drama and tension builds up on SM Aura. Last yeah when our company was closed Team CA was severed from us. Now for sure they are severed from us. Thank God!

OK I am using in house language here to talk about the people at work and the things they do to piss me off. But that is not most of the time since I am more focused on my work.

I will introduce the characters in the new drama.

Maja Salvador: She is a slimmer version of someone we knew but is the most annoying. She has a loud and annoying voice (especially when flirting). She likes men and is a mean slut. She is pregnant as of writing. Is with her boyfriend but still flirts with Gerard.

Gerard Anderson: He is Shone from the last series. Still handsome as fuck but he gained some fat on the belly. I rather call him bubble butt though but that would break the pattern in the story.

Kim Chui: She is Nam from the last series. She is Gerard's true and bestest friend though I beg to disagree to some extent.

Juicybel: We used to call her Knorr. She is quite notorious for borrowing money and still lives in her part company. She will always talk about her past company and how much she used to earn. Why call her that? Use your nose.

Roving Aling Puring: She will just pop out of nowhere and ask you to buy snacks from her. She will also corner you once in a while to borrow money. If you see her try to avoid her what-so-ever.

Bea Alonzo - She is a beautiful person but the sad fact is that she is still insecure about herself. She is Maja's best friend, although she is a fake person. She likes to also flirt with Gerard.

Cacai - She is a loud speaker but she comes as a part timer. She is lousy and is on the same level with Maja and Bea, sluts.

Anyare? - That is the question you ask yourself when you see her. She seems to have just came from Manila a day ago all the time. Clueless as fuck and tries to follow the lifestyle of her friends.

JunJun Binay - I kind of can stand him but often times not.

Floor Manager - On the first day of work he was also busy supervising his friends at work. He tells this and that. He also dreams on being the IT since he does nothing at work but to tinker on his assigned PC.

Gilda Coronel - She is one of those old ladies that talks about her past and how wonderful that is. She annoyingly calls everyone Teach (short for teacher).

So far those are the people you need to know. 

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