Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christian atheism for Pinoys

source: http://awordywoman.com/christian-atheist/

Christian atheism is one of the perspectives that have not come to the Philippine Islands although I believe that is a significant number of people who can be classified as such.

People say they believe in God and yet their life style or their actions simply doesn't follow. Many Pinoys are born Catholics and are raised to think that they are. Often times they see going to Church as something they just do like doing the dishes but not really that important. They go to Church as a form of piety as well that is related to the idea that being a good person just means a Church goer. I have an aunt and some relatives who thinks so.

Another idea that is related to this is a/atheism. That is another post-modern idea that I seem never to understand or was meant not to be understood by me.

So far no one claims this idea for himself but I hope some people would do so and try to explain them as another perspective to be adopted by Pinoys.

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