Monday, February 17, 2014

Questions about life and belief (Conversation at Rizal Park)

While in Rizal Park last night an asshole asked me questions. He is clearly a believer of something but whatever that is I was not interested.

First he asked, "Why are you an atheist? Do you really think there is no God? How do you prove there is no God"

I said, "I don't really think there is no God since proving something non-existent is hard. I am an atheist because you believers have not presented us with good arguments to believe in God. Besides belief and non-belief should be a personal choice."

The asshole was not satisfied with my answer and really wants me to prove that there is no God.

He asked another one, "Do you believe in life? Or that there is life?"

I asked, "What do you mean by life? and belief?" That got him quite irritated. We didn't even invite him to talk with us. He just came and asked like its my responsibility to give my piece of mind to him.

Nonetheless I gave my answer, :No. Why should I believe in life? Will that make me a better person? Would that help me in anyway? What would belief in life do to me? I say that is pointless."

After that we ignored the person and he just went away.

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