Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lazy lame pictures over a Tour

Sorry but for this Tour I was quite lazy and I didn't take out my camera most of the time. Before going to the event I passed by San Marcelino and have had the Press Release of the Met printed for the tour participants. I walked at the backside of the Met and took pictures. So far everything looks fine at the back despite the falling windows here and there. 

A wonderful gate going to the Ballroom (?)

We were able to get about 55 participants for today's tour. Many of which are students who never run out of studies, reports and thesis about the Met. So far I have not seen a single report about the Met and the Met gets worse every month.

The Tour started as always at the Liwasang Bonifacio. We had the usual lectures about stamps as well as some raffles for the participants.

Of course, the lecture part is a  bore for people.

We passed by the usual route that is the Manila Press Club, Pueta Isabel, Plaza Mexico, Maestranza, Plaza Espana, Plaza Roma, the Manila Collectible Co., Bahay Tsinoy and of course the Manila Metropolitan Theater.

One interesting point is that the ballroom no longer has lights as before. What ever happened to lights I have no idea. Maybe they don't want us to see how ugly the restoration is happening or is not happening.

Eve by Francesco Monti still awaits
We ended the tour with another dinner at Maki Place in Benavidez St. in Binondo.

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