Thursday, February 20, 2014

Agora/Pinoy Atheist Debate: Does God Exist?

The event happened at least on the sponsorship of one person. Whatever the reason is really none of my business. I arrived with my friend who wants to be unnamed for the event. I was ready with my knitting needles because I know that if I open up my mouth I will just piss another person. Most probably some idiot. lolz

The venue was somewhere in Balete drive, on a condo with an interesting view of the city. There were bouncers as we entered. My mind went, "Why the fuck do we need bouncers for?"

My friend opened up the event with drama and shit. I was like talking a lot to myself. Such a drama queen for a guy, nonetheless the debate started soon. 

The whole event was boring for me and I never did pay attention to what they were talking about. Honestly I have read them all over the internet. The even ended around 9 PM. So me and some guys decided to eat dinner somewhere in Cubao.

One interesting event is that an old guy wanted to start a fire because he cannot bear in mind that some people actually believe that everything started not with the creative act of his God.

At least I was able to knit some rows well. Hehehe and that was my real goal for the day.

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