Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dark store soon to hit the Philippines?

A picker collects items for online shoppers in Waitrose's 'dark' supermarket in west London. Photograph: David Levene (source: guardian)

Even here in a third country Philippines many people are actually enjoying shopping through the internet. There are sites like ebay.ph and the famous sulit.com.ph for buying and selling stuff.

The hassle and drama on actually shopping for stuff is actually getting on the nerves of some people. I have seen reports and news on how celebrities in the country have pickers for their wardrobe and groceries. But all know that we live in a capitalistic system where money does the talking. 

People claim they are too busy and would rather but online. 

And in the interesting twist of the story this kind of life style has created a whole new machine for the economy and work for some people to be the so called personal shopper for some people. 

In an interesting news on the Guardian there are already the so called supermarket dark store. Maybe it would soon be picked up here in the Philippines.

For me I would still go shopping and buying actual stuff for myself.  

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