Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Killing (Forbryedelsen)

Source: wikipedia
It seems obvious that I am not interested with Filipino series ever. So I started watching the Killing. Of course not the American version for God knows what ways will they make the series boring and less human. I like watching some series that are more focused on the story rather than the actors.

Most series watched here in the Philippines concerns on what the actors look like. That is why Filipinoes are suck Korean drama fans.

I have started with Season one and as of the time of my writing I am watching Episode 7 into the story. It seems like a boring series because of the exhaustive details put into each of the characters.

I got hooked into the series and kept wondering what really happened to this and that. Yeah I know no spoilers. So yup no spoilers here.

I like the simplicity and flow of the series and the way the songs are put to emphasize what each character feels.

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